The Investigators are responsible for investigating all major crimes committed in the county. These include all homicides, suicides, narcotics violations, and other felony-level offenses. Narcotics Investigators handle all types of drug related investigations.

Computer crimes are being reported more and more here in Giles County. These types of crimes require vast resources and manpower along with long investigation times to prepare a case even after the responsible party is identified. The Giles County Sheriff's Department is committed to every victim of computer crime just as any other crime.

The Sheriff's Office often teams with other local law enforcement agencies as well as state and federal agencies to investigate computer related crimes as they can cross many jurisdictional lines in a matter of seconds.

Investigators meet regulalry with other jusrisdictions investigators close to Giles County to compare trends and share information in an effort to thwart and solve crimes.  Several case leads have been developed from these meetings. Giles County Sheriff's Investigators use all available resources to investigate the cases assigned them.


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