The Giles County Jail provides housing for inmates awaiting trial and/or serving a sentence for a crime which they were convicted. The Giles County Jail is also responsible for transporting prisoners to and from court, doctor's appointments, mental health facilities, state prisons and other county jails.

Inmates that are sentenced may work on the road crew if they qualify and positions are available. The road crew is responsible for helping keep roadsides clean from litter, helping non-profits, other government agencies and in times of natural disaster they help clear the road for emergency vehicles.

  • Jail Administrator - Teresa Mattox
  • 1 Maintenance Lieutenant
  • 4 Corrections Sergeants
  • 4 Corrections Corporals
  • 20 Corrections Officers
  • 2 Transport Officers
  • 1 Road Crew Officer
  • 2 Cooks (also Corrections Officers)
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